Thursday Excursions

November 18th
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Round Pond Olive Oil Mill Tour and Tasting
morning departure to location

Located in the small town of Rutherford, Round Pond is a working olive oil estate with vineyards, gardens and orchards. The extraordinary artisan olive oils and vinegars of the estate reflect a dedication to producing the finest specialty food items while working to preserve the esteemed property. Here you will tour the property, learn a bit about the process of making olive oil, and then enjoy a unique tasting of oils from different olive varieties.

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Chocolate Making Class with Chocolatier Chris Koller
early afternoon excursion at the Meritage

Everyone loves chocolate, but have guests ever tried making it? Well now they can right here in wine country. The flexibility of Napa’s chocolate making experience lends itself to be a completely customizable event to ensure each guests walks away with a new skill, a box of their own creations, and a unique activity to share for years to come!


Friday Excursions

November 19th
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Luncheon at Coquetta Restaurant
late morning departure to location

Join on the Veranda at Coquetta with a beautiful downtown Napa view. Choose from a selection of Tapas Frias, Tapes Calientes, Raciones and Postre created by acclaimed chef Michael Chiarello and his team. Enjoy this amazing excursion and network with others attending Food Photo Affair.

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Napa Valley Grape Stomp
morning excursion at the Meritage

Traditionally, the grape stomping is part of the method of maceration used in traditional wine:making. Rather than being crushed in a wine press or by another mechanized method, grapes are repeatedly trampled in vats by barefoot participants to release their juices and begin fermentation. Grape:treading was widespread in the history of winemaking, but with the introduction of industrial methods, it now survives mostly as a recreational or competitive activity at cultural festivals. 

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