Submittable Images

The FoodPhotoAffair exhibition is not theme based and is open to all photographic imagery depicting food. Participants are not required to attend the exhibition in order to enter, or collect an award.

Photographs entered must not contain obscene, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable content. Entries deemed inappropriate will be disqualified.

Exhibition Community

The 2019 FoodPhotoAffair Photography & Styling Exhibition is open to all professional food photographers or professional food stylist. Anyone submitting work must have permission to use, and grant the rights to, all content in the submission.

If you are a finalist within the exhibition (Best Exhibition Award, First or Second place, Honorable Mention) the entrant will grant FoodPhotoAffair a nonexclusive license to use the image in connection with the current exhibition, or the following years exhibition to promote the FoodPhotoAffair.  FoodPhotoAffair will not use the image for any other purpose without written permission. All whom submit images retain all rights to any image submitted, including ownership if applicable.

As a condition of this permission, FoodPhotoAffair agrees to credit all images with the caption “© Copyright Holder’s Name.”

How and Formats

Fill out the online form here.(SUBMISSIONS HAVE CLOSED) You may enter as many images as you would like but only one image per submission form.

Questions about entering the contest can be emailed to:

• 72dpi resolution

• RGB colorspace preferred

• longest edge must be no more than 1400 pixels

• No Photoshop layered files

• JPEG format

• Less than 3MB file size

Finalist will be asked to submit a high-resolution file of at least 300dpi at 16×20 inches.

Naming your image files

To avoid errors, use only numeric characters. Do not use punctuation or special characters such as ! @ # $ % ( ) ” –

Judging and Jury

The jury has a chair responsible for maintaining the integrity of the process, ensuring the deliberations are conducted in accordance with the highest standards, and making certain that all jury members are fully involved in the judging process. The chair does not contribute to debate on the merits of any entry, and has no vote in the balloting.

Jury/Judging procedures

The jury/judging procedures ensure a fair judging process and must be adhered to at all times.

No jury member can enter the contest in the year they are judging.

All proceedings and deliberations of each jury are conducted in confidence. Jurors are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure they do not reveal any details of the deliberations, or the identity of winners prior to the public announcement. This means jurors cannot discuss any aspect of the entries, debates or decisions, both during the process and after the announcement of the results, with anyone other than a fellow juror.

All entries are coded, with identifying information removed from the pictures so the work is judged anonymously. At no stage of the process - and in no discussion either in or outside the judging process - should jury members speculate on, or reveal, any names of participating photographers or stylist.

In all categories juries must award a first, second and 2 honorable mentions. Images will be judged on originality, technical excellence, composition and artistic merit.

The jury must award the 2019 Best Exhibition Award.


Best Food Styling Editorial
Published Magazine, Book or online image.

Best Food Styling Commercial
Packaging, print, corporate online site or corporate social media images, food manufacturing or food service.

Best Food Photography Editorial
Published Magazine, Book or online image.

Best Food Photography Commercial
Packaging, print, corporate online site or corporate social media images, food manufacturing or food service.

Best Food Photography/Styling Personal
Any work shot for your personal marketing, portfolio or promotional work.


Submission deadline: April 7th, 2019


$25 per Entry


Thank you to everyone that entered FoodPhotoAffair 2019. All awards will be announced May 16th. If you are in the Santa Fe, NM area on May 17th, please join us at the LaFonda Hotel on the Plaza from 6pm-10pm on the Terrace Level.