Introducing aeCore® Backers, the most realistic and complete selection of backdrops, to create the perfect environment to show your product, your work or your brand with the perfect light, in your favorite place.

Our products are primarily Food-Safe, a very important asset when photographing food. Do you know how much food is thrown away due to being in contact with backdrops that don’t guarantee that these foods can be eaten? 

Also, what differentiates us from the others is that our backdrops are not printed on top. The different patterns, woodgrains, marbles and stones, even solid colors are trapped within the material itself, for that reason they are more resistant to abrasion and scratches. And not only that, they are also waterproof and very easy to clean. Of course they are no-glare and are 100% recyclable.

We produce 3 Standard sizes (23 x 23 / 23 x 35 & 35 x 47), but we are able to produce any size that our customers require, through special orders. 

No matter where you are, you can bring aeCore® Backers with you, to create the perfect spot and capture the best stage for your product.

At aeCore® Backers, we have created your best option for a Portable, Realistic, Durable, Lightweight, Food-Safe, Easy to Clean, Waterproof, No Glare, Anti Scratch and 100% Recyclable.

For attendees of Food Photo Affair, we offer 20% off storewide using FOODPHOTOAFFAIR coupon code at checkout.

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There are many ways to partner with FoodPhotoAffair and below will help guide you to becoming a part of FoodPhotoAffair 2020 at The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa, CA, USA. If you or your company are interested in becoming a partner on a large scale, please contact Jeffrey Martin at

You can become a single/individual partner or a single/group partner. A single/individual can partner for $100 and receive your brand/logo featured in the main conference area. A single/group can partner for $500 and receive their brand / logo featured in the main conference area and a partner table to display your brands collateral. This table can be utilized throughout the conference on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be several times during the conference where all attendees will be able to converse with the table partners. Once you decide to become a partner, you will receive an email with guidelines on brand logos and table specification.