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Since 1973, B&H has built a reputation as a New York retail institution as well as an online resource catering to photo and video enthusiasts-professionals and amateurs alike. Long known as "The Professional's Source", consumers worldwide look to B&H for knowledgeable guidance when purchasing cameras and related accessories.

B&H takes pride in being named one of "America's Best Employers By State 2020" by Forbes magazine. The award is a testament to our care and concern for employees and their families. B&H is a group of passionate employees who are experts in photography, film, music, audio--all things tech, and are equally passionate about providing solutions to the creative community


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There are many ways to partner with FoodPhotoAffair and below will help guide you to becoming a part of FoodPhotoAffair 2020 at The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa, CA, USA. If you or your company are interested in becoming a partner on a large scale, please contact Jeffrey Martin at jeff@foodphotoaffair.com.

You can become a single/individual partner or a single/group partner. A single/individual can partner for $100 and receive your brand/logo featured in the main conference area. A single/group can partner for $500 and receive their brand / logo featured in the main conference area and a partner table to display your brands collateral. This table can be utilized throughout the conference on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There will be several times during the conference where all attendees will be able to converse with the table partners. Once you decide to become a partner, you will receive an email with guidelines on brand logos and table specification.