Here is Phoode in a nutshell:
Phoode is a free-to-join food-focusedsearch engine, marketplace, and community designed to connect creative professionals with clients who need their specific skills. Phoode makes the process as easy as scrolling through Pinterest.


Creatives can tailor their profiles and creative projects to highlight their particular set of skills and describe the creative food projects they're interested in pursuing. 

Clients can quickly filter by creative profession, creative styles, end use, skill type, location, budget, and food-specific criteria to quickly narrow their talent search.

Phoode brings to the table food-relevant search tools and a level of granularity that generic networks can’t match. Whether a client is a big ad agency, a legacy food brand, or a local chef-owner, Phoode offers the fastest way to find talentbest suited for unique needs and budgets.


Phoode is custom-designed for two specific groups: Creativeswho produce creative content and services focused on food and
the clientsin the advertising, publishing, and food industries who need to hire them. 

Phoode welcomes all those interested in selling or buying creative food-themed work in the following creative areas:

• Food Animation
• Food Arts & Crafts
• Culinary Arts
• Design
• Directing
• Fine Arts
• Food Illustration
• Food/Beverage Photography
• Food/Beverage Styling
• Acting/Modeling/Performance (food-related)
• Food Video/Cinematography
• Food Writing
• Food Marketing Influencers
• Food Blogging/Vlogging


The Phoode Portfolio Creator is designed not only to showcase your work but to educate clients and other creatives.

Phoode welcomes blog contributors who are passionate about food used as creative props. We believe in education by sharing experience. Our readers are interested in real case studies, personal accounts, and BTS stories. We educate by sharing your food-creative experience with other food creatives and clients.

Since Phoode’s launch, many creatives and clients have made contributions to Phoode’s blog and actively participated in shaping the platform’s features.


Phoode was founded by Marta Fowlie, aka Food Polka- a versatile food-focused creative based in Los Angeles, California. 

She was born and educated in Poland where she earned an MA in sociology in addition to a psychology of business degree. 

Upon immigrating to the United States in 1999, her naturally creative and curious mind paired with an entrepreneurial spirit attracted her to creative industries. In time, she picked up the skills and experience necessary to work as a food-focused creative consultant, director, stylist, and photographer. Her portfolio includes still and motion content from national and international food brands and magazines, advertising and media agencies, production companies, celebrities, renowned restaurants, and prominent tech startups. It also includes creative collaborations with design studios, talented artists, and creative entrepreneurs across the United States and Europe. 

On a daily basis, she oversees and mentors a global team of creative individuals. Her international background and versatile experience give her a unique perspective and insight into the creative industry.

After encountering plenty of food-creative market inefficiencies, doing a great deal of research, and running through the analytics, Marta founded and developed, a large-scale online platform for food creatives. 

Marta’s portfolio includes work for the following publications and brands: Us Weekly, National Geographic, Cacique, American Greetings, Freeform, Foodbeast, Reddit, Lamb Weston, Halo Top, Pick Up Stix, Minute Maid, and Postmates.

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